Review of the DV8 Thug Bowling Ball

The DV8 Thug gave us a longer skid through the heads with a shorter transition in the mid-lane. In addition, to a longer and smoother back-end motion… This ball had more of an L shape ball motion and also had some fade back type entry angle to the pocket. The DV8 Thug did have good pin carry and was very controllable and it was like using a smoother ball that got down the lane and had a set up reaction to it. It seem to work good on medium to heavier oil volumes… We used 55 x 5 x 35 dual angle drilling layout, and the out of box surface finish, and bowled on a 39ft house pattern in testing this ball…

The Thug features the new Class 13F Hybrid Reactive coverstock and the new Medium RG Thug Asymmetric core. The Thug gives bowlers easy length and lots of punch on the backend. This skid/flip reaction will increase pin carry and allow you to play inside angles with ease.The Thug has one of the best looking color combinations ever seen in a bowling ball. The Black/Orange/Silver Pearl – Hybrid really stands out when rolling down the lane and allows bowlers to easily see the rotation on the ball. This makes adjustments easier and will allow for higher scores.

Here’s what DV8 has to say about the ball:

Featuring the new Class 13F Hybrid Reactive coverstock wrapped around the Thug core, the Thug skids easily through the front and mid-lane flipping on the backend for the most breakpoint potential of any DV8 ever on medium to oily lane conditions.

Features; RG 2.505-2.557 Finish Polished Lane Condition Heavy Coverstock Hybrid Reactive Ball Quality First Quality Factory Finish 500 Siaair/Royal Compound Breakpoint Shape Skid/Flip Coverstock Name Class 13F Hybrid Reactive Core Name Thug Medium RG Asymmetric Differential 0.052 Flare Potential High Mass Bias Diff 0.015 Core Type Asymmetric Release Date 10/29/2014

 DV8 Thug, Bowling Ball

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DV8 Thug Bowling Ball

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