Bowling Ball Review of the Brunswick Mastermind Intellect

Brunswick Mastermind Intellect gave us a medium slide through the heads with a longer and smoother transition to hook in the mid-lane along with a strong and smooth ball motion on the back part of the lane… This ball had good continuation that was controllable. The Brunswick Mastermind Intellect will need oil to perform as designed and is best used on medium to heavy oil patterns..

The Mastermind Ultra Low RG Asymmetric Core is designed for an angular motion with a low RG/High Differential/High MB Differential. This design transfers the most energy to the pins for higher pin action and scores.

Combined with the Honor Roll A+ Solid coverstock that offers unparalleled traction in the midlane and backend from Brunswick, and you have an absolutely brilliant ball that eats oil. Finished to a 500 Siaair Micro Pad/Royal Compound factory finish and you have an incredibly aggressive motion that allows you to open up the lane in ways never thought possible.

The Mastermind Intellect is built from the core-out to be your go-to ball for outsmarting the oil and becoming Valedictorian of your game.

Here’s what Brunswick has to say about the Mastermind Intellect:

The new Mastermind Intellect with its Royal Compound finish, provides easy length through heads, strong mid lane traction with an aggressive move on the backend on medium to heavily oiled lane conditions

Features: RG 2.540 Finish Polished Lane Condition Heavy Coverstock Reactive Resin Ball Quality First Quality Factory Finish 500 Siaair Micro Pad; Royal Compound Finish Breakpoint Shape Length with Strong Mid-Lane Traction and Strong Backend Coverstock Name Honor Roll A+ Solid Reactive Core Name Mastermind Ultra Low RG Differential 0.052 Flare Potential High Core Type Asymmetric Performance Pro Performance[10] – Release Date 09/15/2014

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