Bowling Ball Reviews: Hammer Phobia

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Hammer Phobia: Bowling Ball Review
The Hammer Phobia gets down the lane with a longer skid through the heads with a shorter transition in the mid-lane, the phobia has a more angular motion and a more controlled reaction, this do to the symmetric core. has a nice motion and good compliment to the Hammer Dark Legend. The Phobia would be best used on medium heavy oil patterns or as a second game ball after the shot opens up. You will need drier back-ends for peak performance of this bowling ball.

Description: The powerful Semtex Pearl coverstock provides a powerful skid/snap reaction on medium to heavy oil conditions. Polished to a 500/1000 Abralon w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish finish, the Phobia skids easily through the heads for a devastating and fearsome backend. Combined with the new Phobia core which conjures the power and performance of the Gas Mask Asymmetric in a new Symmetric option, joins a medium RG and high differential rating to give this ball length with a volatile reaction.

Here’s what Hammer has to say about the Phobia: Continue Reading…

Specs: RG: 2.49 – Finish: Polished – Ball Color: Smoke/Blue/Bronze – Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy – Coverstock: Pearl Reactive – Ball Quality: First Quality – Ball Warranty: 3 Year – Factory Finish: 500/1000 Abralon w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish – Coverstock Name: Semtex Pearl – Core Name: Phobia – Differential: 0.054 – Flare Potential: Medium-High – Core Type: Symmetric – Performance: High Performance[8] – Bowling Ball Release Date: 1/10/2017

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 This review was from our personal observations  and  you may get a different result do to all the many factors involved in bowling. In addition, Affiliate links are used on this page and we are a paid affiliate.

Hammer Phobia – Bowling Ball Review

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