Storm Crux

Storm Crux
The New
Storm Crux gave us a shorter slide through the heads along with a long and smooth transition to hook in the mid-lane. In addition, to a smooth motion on the back part of the lane… Briefly we had smooth and even transitions with this ball all though the ball did tend to lay back in the roll phase… We felt this to be a very good smooth control type solid reactive bowling ball that would work well in medium heavy to heavy oil volumes.. This was a very good bowling ball oilier or longer patterns… The ball will need some oil to perform as designed…

The all new Storm Crux
The Catalyst™ Core is not only our latest groundbreaking technology, it is the sparkplug of this ball. It soon will be the stimulation of exceptional bowling. Its’ dynamic asymmetrical design will help you create more angle through the pocket. It’s been proven that increasing your entry-angle gives you a much wider margin for error that can lead to more strikes. Think Jason Belmonte or Pete Weber’s pin-action, you don’t have to throw it like these pros but that is what you can expect from the Crux.
And the ERG™ hybrid reactive cover stock is prepped to a 3000-grit, so bowlers like yourself can be rest assured that the Crux has decisive performance.

Features: 2.50 Finish Matte Lane Condition Medium-Heavy Coverstock Hybrid Reactive Ball Quality First Quality Factory Finish 3000 grit pad Coverstock Name ERG Hybrid Reactive Core Name Catalyst Core Differential 0.052 Durometer 73-75 Rex D-Scale Flare Potential 6″ Plus (High Mass Bias Diff 0.017 Fragrance Pomegrnate Core Type Asymmetric Performance Pro Performance[10] Storm Product Line Premier – Release Date 10/14/2014

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