Track 503T

Track 503T
The Bowling Ball Layout we used for this bowling ball review was the pin under our ring finger and the CG in the strong position, (Note: this is a slow response to friction or a control type drilling). In addition, we bowled on a 43 ft house pattern on wood lanes… The reaction we got out of this ball was a medium slide through the heads with a longer and smoother transition to hook in the mid-lane with a smooth strong motion on the back end… The hook style we got was smooth arc… This ball played well in the track area… In addition, this was a strong but smooth ball for us… In addition, the Track 503T was a pretty controllable bowling ball… It seemed to work well on a medium heavy pattern and will need some oil to work its best!

Sometimes a nice strong consistent ration is just what the lanes call for. The brand new 503T combines the perfect combination of core/cover to create just the right amount “Traction” on medium to oily lane conditions. She may not be flashy, but she always gets the job done.

FEATURES: Color: Red/Gold/Navy Core: Packman Veneer: Gen MT (Moderate Traction) Core Type: Asymmetrical Surface: 800 Abranet ,1000,2000 Abralon Reaction: Traction RG: 2.51 Diff: .057 Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Oily

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Track 503T, bowling ball

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Track 503T


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