DV8 Nightmare

DV8 Nightmare gave us very smooth and even transitions in all 3 of the zones from the heads to the back-end… In addition, the ball had a lot of high revving action down lane which gave us a lot of mixing type pin carry… We did get some hook and set type reaction with this bowling ball. It basically had a strong but smooth motion and seemed to work well on medium to heavy oil patterns…

The black/purple/lime solid DV8 Nightmare sets a new standard in aggressive hook motion for the DV8 product line as a result of the new asymmetric Nightmare core design matched with the new Class 8 reactive coverstock. The DV8 Nightmare will provide stronger hook motion in oil and an extremely quick response to friction on the backend that cuts through the pins on medium to heavy oil. The Nightmare is now the most aggressive ball in the DV8 product line.

Specifications: Color: Black/Purple/Lime – Coverstock: Class 8 Reactive – Core Type: Nightmare Low RG – Factory Finish: 500; 1,000; 4,000 Siaair Micro Pad – Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.557 – Differential (Diff): 0.052 – Hook (1-175): 200 – Length (1-235): 115 – Breakpoint (1-100): 100 Smooth Arc

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DV8 Nightmare


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DV8 Nightmare

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