Track 706A

Track 706A gave us a longer slide through the heads with a shorter transition to hook in the mid-lane with a strong motion on the back end… The hook style we got was very strong and angular… This ball played the well inside the track area and also played well on a down and in type line… This was a strong ball for us on the friction and has a very nice strong hit…!! We used a pin above our ring finger drilling layout with the mass bias kicked off to a 1 1/2 inches to the strong side of the ball…

The 706A is sure to be the choice for Track fans when they are looking for a ball that offers easy length with “Pop” at the breakpoint. The combination of our Helmet core and Gen XA cover will match up best with medium oil patterns. When “Xtra” entry angle is a must, mow’ em down with the Track 706A.

Features: Color: Black/Gold/Purple – Core: Helmet – Core Type: Asymmetrical – Coverstock: Gen XA (Xtra Angle) – Finish: 800 Abranet, 1000, 2000 Abralon, Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish – RG: #16-2.53, #15-2.52, #14-2.54 – Differential: #16-.047, #15-.053, #14-.054 – Reaction: Angular – Recommened Lane Condition: Medium to Medium-Heavy Oil – Ball comes with a microfiber cleaning sack with instructions on its use.

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Track Bowling Balls

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Bowling Tips and Instructions

Track 706A


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