DV8 Marauder

DV8 Marauder gave us very smooth and even transitions in all 3 of the zones from the heads to the back-end… In addition, the ball had a lot of high revving action down lane which gave us a lot of mixing type pin carry… It basically had a strong but smooth motion and seemed to work well on medium to heavy oil patterns…

The red pearl/yellow solid DV8 Marauder features a new symmetric core shape matched with the new Class 4 reactive coverstock resulting in a ball motion that is long and sharp at the breakpoint on medium to light oil lane conditions. This core and coverstock combination produces an outstanding all-purpose ball motion and sets the Marauder as the new benchmark ball in the DV8 product line.

Specifications: Color: Black/Blue – Coverstock: Class 6 Reactive Coverstock – Weight Block: Asymmetrical – Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad; Rough Buff; High Gloss Polish – Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.549 – Differential (Diff): 0.056 – Hook (1-175): 165 – Length (1-235): 120 – Breakpoint (1-100): 100 Smooth Arc – Part Number 60-105464-93X

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DV8 Marauder, Bowling Ball


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DV8 Marauder


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