Track 508A

Track 508A
In Testing the Track 508A we got a longer skid through the heads with a shorter and stronger motion in the mid-lane and a strong angular back-end response… This ball reacted very hard on the friction… A good skid /flip type reaction and good for opening up the lane and playing an inside line…

Description: Both the intermediate and overall differential are higher in the new 508A which provide more flare potential and a stronger overall core than the 505A. The combination of the MP GEN 4 Reactive Pearl veneer and the modified Legion Core, should provide you with a quicker responsive and overall more aggressive product than the previous 500 series balls.

Features: Color: Green/Black/Yellow All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown. Core: Modified Legion Veneer: MP GEN 4 Reactive Pearl With Performance Additive Core Type: Asymmetrical Surface: 800, 1000, 2000 Polished A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal RG: 2.52 Diff: .049 Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Medium-Light Oil


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Track 508A


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