Lane #1 Pearl Droid

Lane #1 Pearl Droid gave us a medium slide with a longer transition to hook along with a strong angular back-end response… This ball had a very strong hit at the pocket when it hit the dry area of the lane…

The Pearl Droid has the perfect formula for ratcheting up your scores. The only energy source required is your fingers to torque up our new Cyborg Diamond core. The Cyborg Diamond delivers more power and cuts down over-reaction, which eliminates wide open splits on seemingly good shots. Give the Pearl Droid a throw and watch your scores go up as the pins have a major meltdown!

Lane 1 Pearl Droid: Specification: RG: 2.566 Differential: 0.045 Mass Bias Diff: 0.012 Flare Potential: 4″ Breakpoint Shape: Length with Strong Backend Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Finish: Polished Coverstock: Reactive Resin Coverstock Name: Bionic Core Type: Asymmetric Core Name: Cyborg Diamond Color(s): Green,Black

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Lane 1 Pearl Droid, Bowling Ball Review

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Lane #1 Pearl Droid


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