Ebonite Elevate

ebonite elevate, bowling ball Ebonite Elevate

We had 2 Elevate bowling balls drilled up in this review. One was a pin under and the other was a pin above. The pin under gave us a longer slide with a smoother transition and more even and controlled back-end reaction, while the pin above was longer in is slide zone but shorter in its transition to hook and more angular on the back part of the lane… These two drillings with this ball were a great comliment to each other. The Ebonite Elevate is a very good mid-line bowling ball from ebonite… Both balls are shown in the video below… The Elevate is an amazing bowling ball for medium and medium heavy house patterns…

Description: GET YOUR THERAPY with the new Elevate, the best value-priced ball to ever wear the Ebonite name. Its new Traxion Reactive .030 HYBRID cover and V5 core, lets you push through the front of the lane with a strong back end continuation.

Features: Core: V5 Veneer: Traxion Reactive Hybrid 0.30 Surface: 800 Abranet, 1000 Abralon, 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Ball Polish A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal Flare Potential: High Length: Scale of 1-50 (Least to Most): 28 Hook Potential: Scale of 1-50 (Least to Most): 45.95 Break Point Angle: 14.25 Hook Style: Length with Strong Continuation RG: 2.51 Diff: .046 Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil

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