Storm Modern Marvel

Storm Modern Marvel
The New
Storm Modern Marvel gave us a medium slide zone along with a longer and smoother transition to hook… In addition, the Modern Marvel had a strong back end motion that revved up a lot down lane and had a lot of good mixing pin action… The Modern Marvel will need some dry boards for the best reaction on medium to medium heavy oil patterns…

The Modern Marvel provides an optimum amount of traction throughout the entire lane; just enough glide through the heads without over-skidding and enough back-end to verify you are indeed throwing a Storm bowling ball.

Storm Modern Marvel: Specifications: COLOR: Ale Pearl/Black and Red Solid COVERSTOCK: R2X Hybrid Reactive CORE: Centripetal FACTORY FINISH: 4000-grit Abralon FRAGRANCE:Aromatherapy – Calm RECOMMENED LANE CONDITION: Heavy Oil RG: 16#-2.48, 15#-2.48, 14#-2.53, 13#-2.59, 12#-2.65 DIFFERENTIAL: 16#-.052, 15#-.050, 14#-.049, 13#-.045, 12#-.035

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Storm Modern Marvel, Bowling Ball, Review

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