Brunswick Nexus ƒ(P+F) Solid

Brunswick Nexus ƒ(P+F) Solid gave us a shorter slide with a smoother transition to hook along with a smooth ball motion on the back part of the lane… We did get some hook and set type reaction with this bowling ball… It will need oil to perform the best…

The Nexus f(P+F) offers our highest hook potential of any Brunswick ball to date. With an extremely aggressive ball motion.

Specifications: Core Type : Nexus Rotor (14-16#) Coverstock: Addaptive ƒ(P+F) Solid Color: 2-Color, Blue and Violet Solid Factory Finish: 500 & 1,500 Siaair Micro Pad Finish A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal RG max: 2.536 RG min: 2.480 RG diff: 0.056 Average RG: 3.1 of 10 Hook Potential: 195 (Scale 10-185) Length: 105 (Scale 25-235) Typical Breakpoint Shape: 95 Angular (Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100) Recommended Lane Condition: Oily

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Brunswick Nexus ƒ(P+F) Solid

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Brunswick Nexus ƒ(P+F) Solid


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