Roto Grip Shooting Star

Roto Grip Shooting Star gave us a shorter slide with a longer and smoother transition to hook along with a smooth and angular back end motion… This ball had a very smooth and controlled bowling ball motion…!

Roto Grip Shooting Star is even rolling, predicable, and aggressive enough for medium-heavy lane conditions and takes surface changes well. This will allow you to make adjustments more confidently on the lanes. With the Ultimate Vision solid coverstock and Neutron core, the Roto Grip Shooting Star is the perfect benchmark ball!

RG: 2.55 Differential: 0.042 Flare Potential: 3-4″ Durometer: 75-78 Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Finish: Matte Coverstock: Reactive Resin Coverstock Name: Ultimate Vision Solid Factory Finish: 2000 Abralon Color: 2-Tone Purple Core Type: Symmetric Core Name: Neutron Quality: First Quality

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Roto Grip Shooting Star

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Roto Grip Shooting Star


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