Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S.

Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S.
The New
Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S gave us a longer slide with a short and very strong transition to hook along with a more angular back end motion… This ball was a little tamer then some other lane #1 bowling balls we have tested but it is made for drier lane conditions and we were able to play more up the boards with this ball…

The new Chainsaw S.O.S from Lane #1 with its all new ION reactive pearl coverstock…

Lane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S.: Specifications:
RG: 2.53 Differential: 0.013 Lane Condition: Medium-Dry Finish: High Polish Coverstock: Reactive Resin Coverstock Name: Ion Pearl Factory Finish: Highly Polished Color: Blue Pearl Core Type: Symmetric Core Name: Endcut Doomsday Patented Diamond Quality: First Quality

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Lane #1 Chainsaw, S.O.S., Bowling Ball, Review

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Bowling Ball ReviewsLane #1 Chainsaw S.O.S


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