Brunswick C(System) Ulti-max

Brunswick C(System) Ulti-max gave us a longer slide with a medium length transition to hook with a more angular ball motion on the back end… This ball had a lot of revving action down lane along with mixing pin carry…

The C · (System) ulti-max skids effortlessly through the front, saving axis rotation in the mid-lane to grab the backend for strong continuous response to friction that cuts easily through the pins on medium to medium-oily lane conditions.

RG: 2.585 Differential: .050 Durometer: 75-76 Breakpoint Shape: Long & Strong Lane Condition: Heavy Finish: Polished Coverstock: Reactive Resin Coverstock Name: CFT ulti-max pearl Factory Finish: 500; 1,500 Siaair Micro Pad; Rough Buff Finish Color: Black / Red / Silver Pearl Core Type: Asymmetric Core Name: Dual Flip I–Block

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Brunswick C(System) Ulti-max


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  2. Rick says:

    Ball Review — Brunswick Alti-Max
    Honor Scores: 2 (300’s) and 2 (800’s)
    The Brunswick Alti-Max is the new hot ball in bowling. This ball gives me great length and an unbelievable return to the pocket. During transition, my breakpoint increases giving me much more room to miss and still strike. I see consistency with the Alti-Max’s reaction in many different bowling alleys. Also, I am playing this ball about 5 left with my feet and 3 left with my eyes from the Brunswick Alpha Max on most house shots. The surface of the Alti-Max is holding strong after 100 games, and is still striking like crazy. I believe this ball will be a great investment for you and a guarantee to raise your average 5 pins this upcoming year. The Alti-Max works best for me when I am on medium to heavy-oil house shots. I for see this ball being a best seller for leagues this fall. If you like knocking down all ten pins every time, this is the ball for you.
    This review was from my personal experience. Due to the many factors in bowling, you may get a different result.

    Richard VanScoyk
    Amateur Brunswick Staff Member
    Amateur Turbo Staff Member

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