Roto Grip Critical Theory

Roto Grip Critical Theory gave us a longer slide with a shorter and stronger transition to hook with a more angular ball motion on the back end… This ball revved up a lot down lane…!

The New Critical Theory from Roto Grip was designed to maximize dry lane traction, this shell will help increase your entry angle and sharpen your break point.

The Critical Theory Specifications Include: Performance: Pro Performance(10) RG: 2.49 Differential: 0.058 Mass Bias Diff: 0.013 Flare Potential: 7+ Inches Lane Condition: Heavy Finish: Matte Coverstock: Reactive Resin Coverstock Name: Insight Pearl Reactive Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon Color: Cherry / White / Obsidian Core Name: Triliptic

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Roto Grip Critical Theory

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Roto Grip Critical Theory


2 Responses to Roto Grip Critical Theory

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  2. orin says:

    why is it all of thease people are right handed,,,, you know there are lefty’s out there to that buy balls,,,,,

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