Storm Anarchy

Storm Anarchy
The anarchy gave us a smoother and more angular motion than we expected. In addition, to having even and smooth transitions…

The New Storm Anarchy was designed to compliment the invasion and be a go to ball after the shot breaks down with its ability to get down the lane and still recovery even with less rev rate players.  Specifications: RG:2.48 Differential:.057 Flare Potential:6” Plus (High) Lane Condition:Heavy Finish:Polished Coverstock:Reactive Resin Coverstock Name:R3X Pearl Reactive Factory Finish:1500-grit Abralon Fragrance:Aromatherapy Focus Color:Golden Wheat / Plum / Ultra Violet Core Type:Asymmetric
Core Name:Origin

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Storm Anarchy


One Response to Storm Anarchy

  1. Brad says:

    Bought this ball last night at the pro shop inside my home lanes. It got drilled up and had it for my 2nd and 3rd games in my league last night. I was using some very old equipment before purchasing this ball (Columbia 300 Primal Rage) and had been having problems with the ball breaking in the back end and clearing the deck. (I stand right foot on center dot and throw the ball out in between 2nd and 3rd arrow.

    Once I got use to the Anarchy, it did everything as advertised. I ended up shooting a 213 in the second game and a 234 in the 3rd. The ball responded exactly to how I wanted it to. If it was not for a couple of splits that happened due to missing my mark, both games would have been much higher.

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