Storm Virtual Gravity Review

This is a review of the storm bowling ball virtual gravity.  This bowling has a very nice motion and a very nice look down the lane.  In addition it is one of the top selling balls so far in 2009. We drilled ours with the pin 4.5 from our PAP and our mass bias at 4 Our tester has a high ball track so this would be considered to be in the slow respond category of bowling ball drilling layouts.  This layout is best for fresher and longer oil patterns.   We bowled on both a house pattern and a challenge pattern call middle of the road.  The ball had very good recovery and gave us some tug on the house pattern, on the challenge pattern this was a good ball for the fresh, but we had to put it away or adjust the surface after the shot broke down, but we drilled  this ball for fresh so it was not a disappointment.
storm virtual gravity

Storm Virtual Gravity
Storm Bowling Balls – Virtual Gravity – Features: Color: Royal / Orange / Black Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Coverstock: Reactive Resin RG: 2.48 Finish: Matte Fragrance: Orange Mint


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Storm Bowling BallsStorm Virtual Gravity


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